Sunday, February 27, 2011

1813 Campaign

Several years ago we fought an 1813 Campaign. We had 5 French Infantry Corps, Imperial Guard Corps, and 3 Cavalry Corps versus 5 Russian Infantry Corps, 2 Russian Cavalry Corps, 4 Austrian Infantry Corps, 2 Austrian Cavalry Corps, and 2 mixed Prussian/Russian Infantry Corps. Total figures was about 24,000 (includes foot, horse, equipment, etc). The culminating battle was fought near Leipzig. There were about 18,000 figures at the battle and about 14,000 actually engaged at one time or another during the battle.

The Austrian C-in-C had received orders not to risk the army and to withdraw if the French were winning. The Russians and Prussians were committed and suffered heavy losses. At the end of the battle the Allies were winning in the north, but had suffered defeat in the center and south. Figure scale was 1 -20, 1 inch equals 25 meters. French battalions were 36 figures, Russian 32 figures, Austrians 48 , and Prussians 32.